Check Out What's On Trend in The Vintage Market

Find a curated mix of unique furniture, accesories, and local art at our vintage shop in Greenville, SC

At The Vintage at Main, we celebrate the unique, the bold and the rustic. You won't find mass production, and you definitely won't find the generic and ordinary. Discover items with stories to tell. Our antique furniture shop in Greenville, SC has vintage furniture, jewelry, and antique home décor just waiting to be discovered.

Variety is the spice of life

We aren't your typical antique shop. At The Vintage at Main, we blend the tradition of antiques with the convenience and variety of an artisan market. Visit us to take advantage of:

  • Multiple vendors with their own unique items
  • A constantly changing inventory
  • Product variety beyond the usual antique store

Because we welcome local vendors on top of our normal selection of antiques, you truly never know what type of fantastic item you might find on any given day.

Our vintage store is conveniently located at the end of Main Street in Greenville, SC. Stroll down to see us today.

Why should you shop antique?

Don't let the word "antique" fool you into thinking our furniture is run-down or outdated. In fact, vintage furniture can:

  • Add a unique flair to any room
  • Benefit the environment
  • Last for generations to come
  • Cost less than modern furniture
  • Increase in value over time

There's always a chance to stumble upon a hidden gem at our vintage store. What will you find? Stop by today to hunt for the perfect item.