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At The Vintage on Main, we appreciate your business.   We can’t believe it has been a little over a year since we opened the doors!    We are pleased with our clientele growing each week!  

As the summer is winding down and we are getting back to our more normal schedules.   I would like to talk about how to start collecting antique furniture.   

I have always told collectors the one way to start your collection is to start with chairs.   Why Chairs, you may ask? Collecting antique chairs will help you learn the basics of antique styles, that can help you learn about the different periods of furniture.   Then as you go into collecting other types of antiques, you will have learned the basic furniture styles, and once you can identify them, you will see them in other types of antiques.

Remember from last month, “that the word ‘antique’ is often used interchangeably with vintage or collectible items.  However, the terminology used doesn’t really affect the value of the item.  The age of the item becomes the key factor.    As a collector you need to research and determine the age of your items.  The same is true with antique chairs – there is an age to go with each period of furniture. 

Let’s start with a list of the significant furniture design periods.  You will need to become familiar with the periods and the dates as you start your collections.  You will notice there is an overlap with the different periods of furniture.   Sometimes during these overlaps there maybe 
some of the characteristics of the period before showing in some of the next period.  

⦁    Elizabethan (1520–1620)
⦁    Early American Style (1640–1700)
⦁    Carolean/Restoration (1660–1685)
⦁    Queen Anne Style (1720–1760)
⦁    Rococo (1730–1770)
⦁    Chippendale (1750–1780s)
⦁    Shaker Style (1787–1860s)
⦁    Sheraton (1790–1820)
⦁    American Empire Style (1805–1830)
⦁    Victorian (1830–1900)
⦁    Arts and Crafts Style (1880–1910)
⦁    Art Nouveau Style (1880–1910)
⦁    Edwardian (1901–1910)
⦁    Art Deco Style (1925–1940s)
⦁    Mid-Century Modern Style (1933–1965)

When learning about the different periods it is important to study photos to learn the different styles of each era. I have found that using chairs as the focal furniture study helps.   I have included photos this month to help you along your way!

Let’s look at the many different styles of chair backs throughout the different periods –

Now let’s look at some styles of chair backs in different periods.

Now let’s look at the different parts of a Chippendale chair.

Now with all this information for you to review, study and learn!  Or maybe just become familiar with!  You may want to go through your house and see what style or type of chairs you have!   If you want to really get into your studies, please visit the link below to see actual photos of the different periods of antique chairs.   The link below gives you photos and information about each chair type.

Please respond to the link if you have questions or want more information at

I hope you enjoy these information tidbits!  There is always more to learn as we journey through the exciting world of collecting!

Until next time . . .